Solar Batteries

A closer look into your new solar energy equipment

How Solar Batteries Work

Simply put, solar batteries store energy that your PV system generates during the day for later use. These batteries provide power to your home in the evening, or in the event of a blackout. A home solar system with additional battery storage can help you mitigate or even eliminate your utility bill altogether!

How Many Solar Batteries Do You Need?

While solar batteries are an optional element to a solar system, they are integral to truly cutting your electricity bill and becoming energy independent. Ideally, you’ll want enough battery capacity (kWh) to cover your energy use when your panels aren’t actively producing.

Power at Your Fingertips

Our modern solar systems features advanced apps that you can access from your smartphone. These will allow you to monitor your system’s power output, battery storage, and overflow energy use that might cost you money. By monitoring your energy consumption, you can optimize your lifestyle and take control of your utility costs.

Team up with the best

World Leading Brands

We partner with the best manufacturers and distributors to offer a variety solar batteries to match your individual circumstances. In addition to calculating how many panels and batteries your family needs, we will recommend the ideal brand and financing to prepare you for the future. Let's make the switch to solar together.