BusinessMaking Solar Simple

Making Solar Simple

We recently created and aired a commercial to promote our mission of making solar simple for all of Hawai’i. Our goal was to bring better attention to our services and to scale our business.

Our commercial is a representation of our commitment to simplifying the process of going solar. Our owners Chris & Rachel explain the benefits of using solar energy and how easy it is to switch to solar power with our company. The visuals showcase the beauty of Hawaii, and the positive impact that solar energy can have on the lives of our customers.

By creating this commercial, we are not only promoting our business, but also promoting the use of solar energy in general. We believe that by making solar energy more accessible and easy to understand, we can help increase the adoption of this renewable energy source, which is critical to reducing our reliance on fossil fuels and mitigating the impacts of climate change.

We are proud of our commercial and what it represents. By simplifying the process of going solar, we are making it easier for individuals and businesses to take action towards a more sustainable future. We hope that our commercial will help to bring attention to important issues and encourage more people to make the switch to solar energy.