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Our top-of-line panels, batteries, and inverters make solar energy more efficient than ever 

Become Energy Independent with
Whole Home Solar Power

Switching to your own photovoltaic solar system in Hawaii has never been closer. 
From $0 down-financing to full system purchases, cost is no longer a barrier.

Panels Built to Last

Panels are the most visible component to your system–and that’s by design! Photovoltaic (PV) panels capture as much sunlight as they can, so they need to be mounted with full sun exposure. 

Mālama installs a wide variety of photovoltaic panels, ranging in efficiency, cost, and durability. We help pick the exact equipment configuration so you won’t overpay. You can relax knowing your home is covered with the best solar panels on the island. 

Solar Panel Installation Oahu Hawaii
Solar Edge Inverters installed by Malama Solar

Inverters Designed for Performance

In order to use your collected energy, every PV system needs an inverter. Inverts convert the DC electricity produced by panels into AC energy – the format your home runs on. 

Inverter capabilities vary by manufacturer, so we’ll help you select the right equipment to integrate your panels with the rest of your system. 

Battery Storage Done Right

Batteries are not a required part of your new PV system, but we strongly recommend them. Excess electricity generated throughout the day can be stored in batteries for use once the sun goes down, or during a blackout. Our team of solar advisors ensure that you get set up with the perfect batteries for your energy usage. 

Shipment of Tesla Powerwall Solar Batteries