Solar Panels

A closer look into your new solar energy equipment

How Solar Panels Work

The first step in harvesting energy from the sun is through roof mounted PV (Photovoltaic) panels. These panels work when particles of sunlight (photons) knock electrons free from atoms. Flowing electrons is electricity, and PV panels are made to harness that flow. From here the electricity is sent to inverters which convert the power for battery storage or immediate use.

Why Go Solar in Hawai'i

Hawaii as a location is almost singularly perfect for a home solar system. Not only does the state suffer from the highest energy prices in the nation, we also enjoy a location close to the equator that provides an incredible amount of sunlight to use. On top of that, great federal tax incentives are bolstered by our state’s incentives, making it affordable for most homeowners on the islands.

How to Size your Solar System

Determining how many solar panels and batteries you need for your home can be tricky, and relies on a few unique factors. How much energy you use, the position and angles of your roof, and external influences such as trees or neighboring buildings all come into play. We always suggest contacting one of our Solar Energy Consultants, who can not only provide a free estimate but also help you determine the right size solar system for your lifestyle.

Put your Utility Bill to Use

Looking to get a free solar quote? Include a copy of your most recent electricity bill to help speed up the process. Your bill will have some vital information that will help our solar experts size your system and get the best value out of your solar experience.

Team up with the best

World Leading Brands

We partner with the best manufacturers and distributors to offer a variety solar batteries to match your individual circumstances. In addition to calculating how many panels and batteries your family needs, we will recommend the ideal brand and financing to prepare you for the future. Let's make the switch to solar together.