Looking for a Solar Quote?
Here's what to expect:

Getting your free solar quote:

Broken down into three simple steps:

Energy Use Diagnosis
To find out what you need, first we find out what you use. We start with a detailed analysis of your monthly HECO Bill.
Create a Plan
At no cost to you, we'll give you a rough design for a new solar system. This takes into account your roof, nearby shading and other external factors.
Cost & Savings Estimate
With your energy use and roof information, we can provide you with a quote for the system that works best for you.
More Information
Once you have your quote, you can now determine is going solar is right for you. We can also help explain how state and federal tax incentives work. Note: Please contact your CPA for more detailed information on how these tax benefits work for your unique financial situation.
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We will evaluate your current electricity usage

To determine the appropriate size of your system, we need to look at your historical usage. We will also want to plan for future electrical use, such as adding a car charger, increasing the number of people living in the home, or adding new major appliances. To speed this up, please have a recent utility bill ready to review.

We will design a system layout

To give you an accurate estimate of how much power your system can generate, we will draft a system designed specifically for your home. This considers the number of panels you need, how many panels will fit on your roof, and your amount of sun exposure throughout the year.

We will evaluate payment options

During our conversation, we will help evaluate payment options for adding a system to your home. There is no right answer here, we will present you with all the options available to you. Regardless of the right payment terms for you, homeowners typically save money if their current electricity bills are over $200 each month. 

We will explain state and federal tax programs

We are not able to give you tax advice, but we can explain the tax programs as they are structured today. This includes and incentives and rebates available to Hawaii residents. 

We will predict project timelines

Timelines can vary depending on location, complexity of the system, and financing methods. We will work through the permits and approvals needed before we can install your system. We recommend starting sooner than later since permits usually require a waiting period. 

We are here to help

Don’t worry about a high pressure situation. Our team of representatives and installers have the same goals as you – saving you money and switching to clean energy.

Go Solar with Mālama Solar

There's never been a better time to go solar - and the sooner you start the more you'll save.